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Publications in Formal methods/Foundations

[1]  WebSheets: Web Applications for Non-Programmers
Riccardo Pelizzi and R. Sekar
New Security Paradigms Workshop (NSPW) September, 2015.
[2]  Provably Correct Runtime Enforcement of Non-Interference Properties
V.N. Venkatakrishnan, Wei Xu, Daniel DuVarney and R. Sekar
International Conference on Information and Communications Security (ICICS) December, 2006. (Supercedes Technical Report SECLAB-04-01, Stony Brook University, March, 2004.).
[3]  Dataflow Anomaly Detection
Sandeep Bhatkar, Abhishek Chaturvedi and R. Sekar
IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (IEEE S&P) May, 2006. (Supercedes Technical Report SECLAB-05-03 Improving Attack Detection in Host-Based IDS by Learning Properties of System Call Arguments, July 2005.).
[4]  Model-Carrying Code: A Practical Approach for Safe Execution of Untrusted Applications
R. Sekar, V.N. Venkatakrishnan, Samik Basu, Sandeep Bhatkar and Daniel DuVarney
ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles (SOSP) October, 2003.
[5]  Generation of All Counter-Examples for Push-Down Systems
Samik Basu, Diptikalyan Saha, Yow-Jian Lin and Scott Smolka
Formal Description Techniques for Distributed Systems and Communication Protocols (FORTE) June, 2003.
[6]  An approach for Secure Software Installation
V.N. Venkatakrishnan, R. Sekar, Sofia Tsipa, Tapan Kamat and Zhenkai Liang
USENIX Large Installation System Administration Conference (LISA) November, 2002.
[7]  Model-Based Analysis of Configuration Vulnerabilities
C.R. Ramakrishnan and R. Sekar
Journal of Computer Security (JCS) January, 2002.
[8]  Model-Carrying Code (MCC): A New Paradigm for Mobile-Code Security
R. Sekar, C.R. Ramakrishnan, I.V. Ramakrishnan and Scott Smolka
New Security Paradigms Workshop (NSPW) September, 2001.
[9]  Model-Based Analysis of Configuration Vulnerabilities
C.R. Ramakrishnan and R. Sekar
ACM CCS Workshop on Intrusion Detection Systems (WIDS) October, 2000.
[10]  Model-Based Vulnerability Analysis of Computer Systems
C.R. Ramakrishnan and R. Sekar
Verification, Model Checking, and Abstract Interpretation (VMCAI) September, 1998.
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