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Secure Systems Lab

Why Should I Join the Security Lab?

  • The Laboratory is recognized as a leader in software security, having carried out influential research on software vulnerability defenses (including address-space randomization), system-call based and network intrusion detection, malicious code defenses, self-healing, and so on. (More details on our research ...)

    Our lab provides a nurturing and stimulating environment that enables Ph.D. students to publish widely in highly competitive forums, some of which accept as few as 10% of the submissions. Even more impressive, our M.S. students have routinely published research papers based on their project work. Our students have received faculty positions in reputed universities such as University of Illinois, University of Missouri, Texas A&M and National University of Singapore, and leading-edge companies such as Google, VMWare, Symantec Research, Microsoft, Yahoo, Amazon, and so on. (More details on alumni accomplishments and placement ...)

    We are always looking to hire Research Assistants at the Ph.D. as well as M.S. levels. Our RAs are paid well, and for dedicated students, continued support has never been a problem, as the laboratory is well-funded by a number of grants from the National Science Foundation and the DoD.

    Views of Stony Brook Campus and Spectacular Fire Island Beaches (~20 miles)
  • The Center for Cyber Security. Stony Brook is recognized as hosting one of the most active and visible research groups in cyber security. There are well over half-a-dozen faculty that specialize in security. The center hosts dozens of Ph.D. students and several tens of M.S. students spread over 6000 sqft of laboratory space. Our faculty and students publish frequently in the top conferences in security.
  • The Department of Computer Science is recognized as one of the best departments in the US, being ranked among the top 30 in terms of research, and among the top 15 in terms of undergraduate education. In addition to security, the department is renowned for its strength in logic programming and formal methods, systems, algorithms, AI, and visualization.

    Our graduates hold prominent professorships in such institutions as Stanford University, Yale University, the University of Illinois, the University of Texas, and Cornell University. Some graduates continue into industry, and hold prominent positions in Google, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, VMWare, and so on.

  • Center for Wireless and Information Technology A beautiful new $50-million building (opening in 2008-09) hosts a state-of-art center that provides leading-edge facilities and equipment for research in all areas of Computer Science and related areas. Over $1M worth of new equipment has been procured, including several large clusters of machines that can support very large scale experiments involving over 500 CPUs and 150TB of storage.
  • The University at Stony Brook is recognized as one of the nation's finest public universities. It has over 19000 students (including over 6000 graduate students), and over 1600 faculty distributed over a 1100-acre campus. The Carnegie foundation classifies SUNYSB as a Type 1 research university --- the highest distinction granted to less than 2% of all colleges and universities. A study published by John's Hopkins University Press (The Rise of American Research Universities) places Stony Brook among the top 3 public universities in the U.S. -- second only to UC, Berkeley -- based on criteria such as fellowships and research productivity. For additional information about what SUNY at Stony Brook offers, please click here.
  • The Place --- Stony Brook is a fun place to live. The university is located on a beautiful, 1100-acre wooded campus on picturesque Long Island. New York city is close enough (a short train ride of 50 miles) to enjoy its cultural and other big-city attractions, yet far away from congestion and pollution. Stony Brook, on the north shore of Long Island, enjoys moderate winters (30-40F) and beautiful summers (75-85F). Long Island beaches are among the best in the world, and are a great tourist destination.

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